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We're a Passionate Team of I.T Professionals & Software Developers

We had a great automate day to day business procedures such as data entry and logistic reporting giving business owners more time to grow their business. We have built our company from that idea that led to our Hausen brand.

Quick Tip: Did you know that Microsoft 365's Staff Hub, a staff scheduling management application, has been discontinued and merged into Microsoft Teams? It is now called Shifts. You can plan shift schedules, broadcast open and unfilled shifts to your team. For team members, easily view your shifts and make schedule-change requests (swap/offer/time off).


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We design and develop web applications that are unique to your products and service.


We take your current cloud applications and integrate them together ensuring your data is always update and in real time.

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Local Knowledge

We are based in Australia and do not outsource any work to other countries. This means you can contact us during regular Australian business hours via phone, email and live chat.


Our custom solutions are uniquely designed around your business. Rather than trying to alter an off the shelf product to work around your identified needs.

Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365 can be extremely complicated if you do not understand the variety of ways to setup the infrastructure correctly. We work with you and your team to understand your business and get the best out of Microsoft 365 for you.

Our History

How It Happened

Life has changed. We have less time and expect more from our online buying experience. We need to ensure our customers have the most effective, swift online experience. Microsoft 365 has changed the way we work; the way we store our important company data and the way we communicate with our customers. It is very important to apply the correct architecture to your business before you migrate over to Microsoft 365, this will ensure you get the most out of Microsoft 365 and Cloud Technology.

Summary Of Services

  • App Development
  • Website Development
  • Microsoft 365 Migration
  • Microsoft 365 Licensing
  • Microsoft 365 Support
  • eMarketing
  • Adwords Set-up
  • SEO management
  • XERO API integration

2016.The Idea

What if you could reduce or even eliminate double entry from online transactions and easily integrate your customers and suppliers to use one simple secure online portal to communicate, place orders and purchase your products?.

2017.Our Establishment

In February, Hausen Group was established with a vision to integrate online web applications with XERO using API technology.

2017.Quiet Time

The team @ Hausen Group spends the next 6 months developing and testing our seamless API integration.

2018.We Are Growing

In October, Hausen Group releases the first version of our integration and names the software HAPI V1.1.0.

2018.Support and Development Office

In November, a new base is established in South Brisbane, to bring each person's skills under one roof, which include Microsoft 365 migrations and ongoing technical support.

2019.New Website Released

In February our new website is released, offering customers self help, FAQ's and live online chat for both sales & support.

2020.Development (Covelopment)

COVID-19 has caused disruption throughout the world. This time is being utilised carefully for further development.

2021.iShedul™ Online Bookings

iShedul™ booking application and software. A project inspired by a aperture in the market and a business woman that is well respected for her fortitude and integrity. In development, now hiring.


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